Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 62: Never Gone

As she talks of the loss of her son to suicide, Chris opens her heart to others living the same pain, and the influence we each have on those around us.

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 61: Just Like You And I

He’s lived prison, addiction, and pain. But as we listen to his emergence from a dark and troubled past, today’s Stranger-Now-Friend, Mark, points us toward a life-altering power.

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 59: Transformation

After a short marriage and facing the pain of a young divorce, today’s stranger-now-friend, Bisi, opens our hearts toward a brighter future.

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 58: Different Lenses

A self-proclaimed “fish out of water,” Actor Jon Heder, reveals his spiritual outlook in a way that inspires us all to look beyond the expected norms.

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 57: Metaverse

In a world where we are rapidly becoming digitally separated, today’s Stranger-now-Friend, the young and wise Saif, proves the rising generation just might be the ones who can get us back to loving one another.

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 55: Greenflake

Musician, writer, and director Mauli Bonner points us toward a better future, and a view of an enslaved history we should never forget.

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 54: The Wonderment

In a style only she can carry, today’s Stranger-Now-Friend, Educator Afua Daines, points us toward a castle she calls “Beyond Measure.”

Sidewalk Ghosts Episode 53: The Next Brave Step

Brian Mavis, of America’s Kids Belong, uplifts us to embrace the pain within ourselves as we better see the pain in others.