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WHY / The Question

For over a decade, I’ve interviewed 1000s of people, told their stories, shared their council, and blogged their portraits, videos, and words. I’ve spoken, authored written works, podcasted, and built outreach. All the while doing my best to be vulnerable in letting you know the effect the experience has had on me. The things I’ve learned and the ideas taught me by a diverse people. A community of individuals I warmly name strangers-now-friends. Yet, as I review their faces and many bonding moments, I realize there is one more question I have not yet asked: Simply, WHY?

So, as you become part of the Radstone Blog community, as you view the world, your reasons, your relationships—and as you take in all you see—both the best and worst of it all, I invite you to reflect on your own “whys.” And as you do, I’ll do my part to be entertaining in publishing the whys of others and to be open in sharing the whys I discover.

With warmth and gratitude,



From Project-365 / 365 consecutive days of meeting strangers.

WHY / The Roots

The roots of Radstone Blog were planted in September 2011 when, as my life hit a painful set of obstacles, I began blogging a series of daily essays, portraits, and videos based on interviewing 1000s of absolute strangers. Hundreds of consecutive days—no matter what was going on in the world, how I felt, or where I was—I journaled hope, hurt, and wisdom of diverse individuals. I called it Project 365.


In it, a far reaching call to action came to life. A movement that—as 1000s from around the globe saw the faces of unique strangers, listened to their perspectives, commented, and responded to challenges I extended—linked in a set of unifying notions. Those being: The lasting influence any singular individual can have on another; the remarkable value of a person; and the reach we each have in bettering this world we share.

My Story / The day it changed for me.

“Every moment of every day… your individual impact truly does matter to someone else in the world.”

“Every moment of every day… your individual impact truly does matter to someone else in the world.”