Bent Colour

Some call my work dark and revealing. Others call it romantic and introspective; strangely contradictory descriptions to the light-hearted, silly and social person that I am. But after 30 years of trial and error in figuring how to be honest in my work and throughout my life, they are observations that perhaps explain me well: A gregarious hermit who loves the process of picture taking, honors the importance of sincere human connection, and a guy who is ever fascinated by the magic of a still frame.

For to make a compelling and feeling portrait it is not mine to control, contrive or over-think. Rather, it is mine to listen, to look, and to feel. Mine to accept my place as catalyst and collaborator in creating a safe and welcoming stage. One part of a very organic and trusting process that is subtext to, as cliché as it may sound, dropping walls between the feeling persons we are; and in doing so, to capture photographs that reflect a spirit that is very personal and internal.

With no singular technique standardized, no style or subject defined, no person profiled; Bent Colour is a growing body of work that takes into account a most important aspect of why I do what I do: Simply, to create space that allows all who enter, in set or upon viewing, to reflect upon the spirit of another person.


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Sidewalk Ghosts
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